I’ve been stuck on the sofa for most of this week – hence the rash of rather boring blog posts. At first because I was keeping watch on Little Boots who’s been laid low with a bug. And then because I’ve been ill with the same thing.

Should you find yourself in a similar position and stuck for things to do here‘s a suggestion:

First turn out a 9cm plot of damp compost, onto a tray and then try finding half a dozen small black seeds that are somewhere in said compost.

I can guarantee hours of ….well if not fun and amusement, then diversion from gastric gurgling.

There is a reason that I’ve been indulging in this tedious activity. You see, when I planted my banana seeds 50% were planted in some African Violet compost and the other 50% in a mix of John Innes and sand, since I was unsure what sort of medium to use.

Well, the bananas that have so far germinated have all been in pots of the richer compost and so I thought it’d be a good idea to move them all into that medium. It also gives the opportunity to resoak them (this worked with my Ensete ventricosum seeds), assuming you can find the blinking things.

It is very nearly as boring as being ill.

(BTW – if you want to do this in under two hours – wait till the compost has dried a bit then sieve it).