As the post before last indicated, I set out at the beginning of each weekend to do loads of gardeny things.

I rarely achieve them – this is in part why this blog is subtitled ‘gardening against the tide’. Sometimes it’s the weather that defeats me, but mostly it’s the humdrum chores of life, sucking up time and energy.

There are Saturdays and Sundays where it almost seems that the only thing I get to do that is even remotely linked to horticulture, is something as pathetic as picking up a packet of coffee grouts, to use as a mulch.

This is of course massively over pessimistic and I often do more than I realise. Generally it’s lots of little things rather than one or two big ones.

For instance this weekend I potted on my chilli plants – assisted by Little Boots – a five year old’s finger is just the right size for making planting holes.