It’s always a good idea to have a project to look forward to (even if they are pipedreams). I have plans to design a log-store. And one with a green roof no less. In truth I first thought about this a while back, but recently saw a picture of one in a magazine and reckon I can do better.

I’ve also been thinking about a new shed – it may have been mentioned before, or was that the garden office?

This has been prompted by one of my Christmas presents – this rather grand tool hanging gadget. I recall admiring it in a magazine – which was obviously noted. The thing is where do I put it? The shed which is only held together by the woodworms joining hands, or the garage, which looks like a rubbish skip after it’s been messed up by Tracy Emin? What is clearly called for is a new shed worthy of this hangy gadget thing. It will need to be a bit special.

Speaking of Christmas presents, this year I got something I have wanted for years. A subscription to Hortus.

I hadn’t looked at it until recently, through not being in the mood for reading, or else not having the time.

On opening it I was more than a little disappointed, to almost immediately find therein Hugh Johnson, a boring old fart who used to write a tedious column for the RHS magazine. He is still writing about the carp in his moat. YAWN.

It’s a bit like getting off with the long-yearned-for object of your desire only to find (depending on your orientation) that their cleavage is mostly tissue paper, or that a bulging crotch is caused by an old sports sock.

Rather more backward looking than I anticipated, much of it is enjoyable, but I can live without 23-page articles, overwhelmed with the life and times of Anglo-Irish gentry, rather than the garden they created.

But I’m determined to see the positive though. After all, I have two of the Hortus anthologies and they are full of good stuff. Annnnnd, one of my favourite writers Charles Elliott has a piece in there, so it can’t all be bad.

It has made me realise something -there’s not enough entertaining writing about horticulture around.