There’s a banana plant hibernating in the garden, another, throwing out huge leaf after huge leaf in the office allotment and one that I’ve grown from seed, going from strength to strength, sitting beside this computer. Plus eight types of banana seeds sulking in the propagator.

Like a love-struck teen, I’m a bit smitten and reckon they are completely amazing. How can you not love such dramatic plants? And there is more variation in their foliage than people think.

But, I do worry that I’m beginning to become a bit obsessed with damn things.

You see, at the weekend I bought a small bottle of Banana Ketchup.

Yes that’s right – Banana Ketchup.

This was treated with derision at Boot Hall and I have so far failed to persuade anyone else to try it.

Whether they’re put off by the bright, egg-yolk yellow colour, or just the thought of a ketchup made from something so different from tomato (to which we’ve become conditioned, even though they were originally made from mushrooms, or fish), I can’t work out.

Anyway it is rather nice stuff – a curious mix of sweetness and spice.

The banana flavour is hardly noticeable, but is there. Just.

I had some an hour ago, with chicken, lettuce and spring onion in a wrap and it was so tasty that I immediately made a second one.

It would be tempting to claim that I bought the Banana Ketchup because of an interest in exotic foodstuffs, but really I just got a bottle because of what it was made from, which is a bit disconcerting.

Meanwhile I’m seeking consolation in the fact that I’m not yet wearing banana-themed clothes.