So I didn’t win the garden design competition thing.

But am I down-hearted?

Well actually yes. A bit.

It’s only natural;, after investing a fair amount of thought, time and effort into the thing.

How many of these have I had a go at so far? I forget. But each one I enter is one closer to the one that I win.

At least I hope so – on the basis that if you throw enough balls at enough coconuts, you’ll hit one eventually.

This time, I think I blew my own chances. You had to supply a narrative to go with the drawing. In mine the opening lines pretty much said that most modern design was boring as it was predictably rectilinear. Which a quick gander at any recent edition of the Garden Design Journal ( the Society of Garden Designer’s mag) will bear out.

It was however a risky gambit – being one of those things that would get you noticed, but also get you marked out as a risk taker, or a dick-head.

Whether any of this came in to play or whether my failure was down to my perennial lack of talent I don’t know. I favour the latter.

But at the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter. Most of these competitions are about raising a bit of publicity and creating a mailing list of people interested in garden design who might be swayed into becoming pupils.

I did laugh though, that my rejection letter credited the competition to a rival publication.