Last week it was Little Boots’ first school disco.

“I wonder if they’ll play We Will Rock You?” I said (it’s the five year old’s fave).

“Yea, ” replied the munchkin, “or this”, launching into a bizarre sequence of syllables.

This not uncommon. There are a number of things that makes LB’s renditions of pop songs unintelligible. Firstly only knowing a line, or part of one. Second, the lyrics are generally misheard, or misunderstood. For example, Cheryl Cole’s “Fly, Fly fly, fly to this love”.

But most importantly Little Boots puts on a voice to sing pop songs, that‘s somehow a mash up of Bob Dylan-ish nasal tones and a thick Welsh accent. It is quite, quite bizarre and very funny.

So I asked, “What’s that song?”

“One I made up”, came the reply.

“Good luck with requesting that from the DJ”, I thought.

I don’t know what happened, but the little bean has not stopped songwriting. Today were in the car, returning home from some boring errand or other, when LB announced “I’ve made a song about trees. It goes like this:

Trees, trees, boring trees

Winter, Spring

Make them better

Like baby ones “

Despite first appearances this is a positive little verse, but only with a little explanation

Trees in winter have no leaves and to LB this is boring.

Winter and spring is when trees have no leaves.

And baby trees are seedlings which as far as LB is concerned always have leaves.

Not only that, it was sung in a sweet little trill, not the weird “rock voice”.