At heart we all find other people’s continual tales of woe tedious, no matter how sympathetic we’re disposed to be. At least that’s what I think.

That might be cynical and may not be correct for all people all of the time, but it certainly seems true where sustained misery is concerned.

You only have to look at so called “charity fatigue”.

Mind you Eastenders is very popular I’m told, so some people must like the endless misfortune of others.

At Boot Hall we’ve had a pretty rough couple of years, and because I saw this blog as a bit of an outlet from, if not an antidote to, those woes I’ve kept most of the sad-bad stuff away from it.

A couple of incidents have leached in, like the mugging thing and then the Christmas paedophile thing, but because of their violent intrusiveness into my life their impact has been unavoidable. To add the proverbial tin-lid, last month I had a serious health scare – it was both frightening and boring – the latter because it was yet another event in the litany of woe.

Well, I am a great believer in light and shade, so that no period of darkness is without it’s contrasting and compensating spell of light (and of course vice versa).

This house was really starting to feel (for the adults) like a place where the sun never shone – apart that is form Little Boots’ constantly illuminating presence.

That does, I realise sound melodramatic, but things were getting that bad.

But even the darkest storms break and I think that has happened as the next few posts will expound.

In the meantime we KBO.