Tomorrow I have an RHS exam. I’m not looking forward to it. With nowhere near enough work done failure looms. Part of that is due to my inability to focus on the thing and part is down to the college’s lack of tutorials.

In an attempt to stand at least a fighting chance I’ve taken two days off to do some serious swotting.

So what did I do yesterday?

I read some rather tedious facts about venlo greenhouses.

I also:

  • Did a load of washing up
  • Washed a mammoth pile of clothes
  • Watched a documentary about the artist Roadsworth
  • Had a noodle around eBay
  • Wrote a blog post
  • Spent far too long surfing the net
  • Made some seed packets
  • Wrote two letters
  • Walked to the Post Office
  • Planted the last of my galangal and turmeric
  • Sowed some chilli pepper seeds
  • Ate far too many midget gems

And finally, created a revision programme for today, which I abandoned at about half past nine this morning.