Yesterday’s post brought with it a consignment of edible rhizomes. The smell when I opened the package was amazing. I will have to get some more to cook with because these treasures are destined for a plant pot rather than the cooking pot. I’ve grown ginger from pieces from the supermarket before and they were quite easy, so I’m fairly hopeful that these other members of the Zingiberaceae family won’t be too hard. The said I nearly killed a Zingiber clarkii I acquired a month back, but I have learnt a lesson there – they like relatively dry soil till they get going.

[If anyone who blunders across this blog knows anything about Z. clarkii please let me know beause I don’t]

The packing was a bit damp when I unpacked them and I was a bit worried that they got squashed or worse still frosted, but I think it was just that they’d sweated and they seem fine.

So what did I get?

  • Greater galangal – Alpinia galanga
  • Lesser galangal – this is a name give to a number of plants (e.g. Alpinia officinarum), but the one I got was Boesenbergia rotunda, or finger-root.
  • Turmeric – Curcuma longa.

For the first two the rhizome/root is used much like fresh ginger, as is turmeric (although we in the UK are most familiar with it’s use when it’s dried and powdered), but fresh turmeric leaves are also used in a number of recipes.

Of course, first I have to grow the things, which seems to be a phrase I use a lot.