After what seemed an age I’ve snapped out of my post-Christmas malaise.

I’ve finished the garden design for the competition. It won’t win – it is REALLY crap, but hey I enjoyed doing it. Well, some of it anyway.

Amazingly, I‘ve also found the time and will to read a book – it’s called The 3,000 Mile Garden and is an exchange of letters between British garden/nature photographer Roger Phillips & Leslie Land, an American food writer and gardener.

A nice, easy, diverting read, it’s been marked in my mind for two things. Firstly the phrase ‘tooting like a bandit’ in response to eating a lot of leeks. It’s a great expression but surely not an accurate one? I mean wouldn’t bandits, in hiding ready for ambush, give themselves away if they were tearing off great big farts?

The second was Tropaeolum tuberosum, a nasturtium relative which I was aware of but did not know was edible. Accordingly I’ve ordered some, given my 2010 allotment colour pledge.

What I haven’t done is any work for my exam on 10th February. I plan to do a bit of cramming and cross my fingers, but I don’t think anyone will pass. We lost 3 classes through not having a tutor, One when the new tutor only lasted a single session, two days due to the second new tutor being ill and one because of the snow. I make that 7 lost days out of what is only a twelve week term. Oh Dear – just have to KBO.

As usual when faced with some concerns over my useless college and an impending exam I’m indulging in displacement activity and have been planting quite a few seeds – bananas and peppers in the propagator – salad leaves in the green house. More have been arriving through the post. The OH is staring to get a bit miffy.

“More seeds I suppose!” was the grump when I arrived back from the Post Office having collected a parcel.

“No,” I replied innocently, “Just a book.” I didn’t let on that it was a book on seeds.

Little Boots has been planting seeds too. I don’t know whether school teachers can buy cress seed in bulk, but the pot that came home was absolutely thick with the stuff.

I’ve seen shallower gravel paths.