I’ve been doing a garden design for a competition.

Similar efforts in the past have proved pretty fruitless, although I did once win a ticket for Chelsea.

Not such a great prize as it turned out, because I was forced to buy one for the OH and since it was about a week before the show, I had to resort to eBay and it cost me seventy quid. And even that was a bargain, because some were going for twice that.

The problem with this garden design malarkey is that I seem to keep coming up against the same lack of talent on my part. Still, on the basis that if you throw enough balls at enough at enough coconuts you’ll hit one eventually, I’ll keep having ago.

In fact, I reckon “keeping on” is going to be a necessary theme for this year. I was going to adopt the quote on the right hand sidebar as my mantra for 2010, but I think given some of the rubbish events I’ve been party to of late, I shall just adopt one of Winston Churchill’s maxims where he said “We must just KBO.”

Which of course means “Keep Buggering On.”