“Oh No!” exclaimed Little Boots, whilst sitting in the bath last night. “Where’s my school uniform?”

Unfortunately it was already mid-way through the last spin-cycle.

You see the munchkin, aware that I’ve been gearing up on seeds, had saved the pips from yesterday’s “Fruit-time” apple for me. They’d travelled home in a pocket and ended up in the wash.

Today LB was determined that wouldn’t happen again and the seeds, saved and brought home, had been put into a bowl and slipped into the fridge “to keep fresh”.

They were retrieved and presented to me as soon as I walked through the door.

I was quite moved. “Thank you that’s so kind and thoughtful.”

“We can grow nice apple trees for the garden.”

“Oh yes, “ I said. “Unlikely, from those seeds,” I thought.

Little Boots grinned. I grinned.

Little Boots grinned some more.

“Can I have a treat now?”