Over the Christmas period and recent snowbound (snow-bored more like) confinement I’ve been noodling around cyberspace learning about various exotic plants and looking for seeds for some of them.

With the poppa-grator on the go I reckon I’ve short window to get some things in and started before I begin thinking about this year’s proper crop of chillies and such.

The propagator, sorry, poppa-grator , is not huge so I have to make the most of space. This calls for square pots as I reckon you‘d probably waste a third of the volume with round ones. But square pots I didn‘t have. Leastways not enough of them.

So I bought some via the net in some rather gaudy colours. The idea was that if I put each different type of seed in a different colour pot I would not have to label them. This is because plant labels in this house and garden are apt to be swapped, collected up and redistributed, or just wombled into a big pile.

Immediately I’d pressed the “Purchase” button I knew I’d made a mistake. Not only are they the some of the campest things I’ve ever seen for horticulture, but also they are likely to prove irresistible to children and so my seeds would not be safe.

I was right in that. Little Boots loves them. I was wrong about seeds in the propagator being in danger though. They haven’t made it that far. They are currently part of some huge housing complex for Gogos.

PS – I reckon they’d be great for anyone running are school gardening club. They are, as has been demonstrated, attractive to children, and are also cheap (ish) – four quid for 60. The downside is that they are a bit flimsy – not quite as bad as the pots you buy living herbs in from the supermarket, but getting there.