Just before Christmas Little Boots and I had an unintentionally banana-themed day.

It started when we went to get some straw to pack the Musa basju over winter. At the country store LB picked out some sunflower seeds and I found some for Ensete ventricosum.

By the end of the day the Musa was tucked up snug and the Ensete seeds were in soak, ready to go in the propagator. Oh yea, and the Ensete v. “Maurelii” from the ‘jungle area’ had been lifted and was sat in the kitchen – where it spent most of Christmas – much to the annoyance of the OH. It’s now safely ensconced in the ‘office allotment and the threats of divorce have subsided.

Over the holiday period I’ve been mooching around various sites for tips on growing bananas.

Banana growing seems like its own little world with its own language – banana offsets are called pups, small pups are called buttons. The same seems to be true of people who grow gingers. I plan myself to get some different types of edible zingiberaceae for the office allotment and was going to get this book, until I read these comments, where the author gets a bit of a shoeing.

Now I probably shan’t, but will noodle on in my own traditional trial and error way.