For some people there comes a certain point in their life when all the Christmases they’ve experienced start to morph into one and they get fed up with the whole thing. But then children come along and it starts to come alive again.

I have found this to be the case and also that Christmas becomes a time when I remember past yuletides.

Despite my usual resistance to getting into the spirit of the season before my birthday I have been feeling quite Christsmassy for a couple of weeks. But this was driven home today by Little Boots announcing and singing a new song “Jingle Bells, Batman smells, Robin flew away” and then being delighted that I could add “The Batmobile lost it’s wheel and landed in the hay”

Nice to think that something we used to sing at school long ago is still going strong.

(I seem to recall that there’s an alternative version – something to do with losing his willy on the motorway – but I thought I’d better not try to remember that one)

Then at bedtime LB read the new school reading book straight through, which made me very proud and a bit wistful, as it was a story I remember from my own childhood, but haven’t come across, or recalled, for more years than I care to think about.

After reading the book there was a moment without words. I was wondering how long since I had heard that story and LB too was thinking.

“You know…”

“Uh-oh”I thought, “that phrase is normally a presage to some mad suggestion”

I wasn’t disappointed.

“You know, we should grow a turnip that big next year.”