Little Boots is, I’ve found, full of good ideas. They are often flights of desire unshackled by the restraints of reality (for which I envy the little soul), but sometimes they are an attempt to get hold of something of uncertain availability.

These ideas are normally prefaced by the phrase “I know”, accompanied by a gesture where lower arms are spread wide with palms held uppermost. 

Add to that LB’s behaviour during the early part of this summer when each visit to the garden meant a greenfly would be sought out (“he’s my friend”) and then become the subject of a royal progression around the place with the aphid perched on an extended forefinger, like some kind of bug version of a Lanner Falcon.

With these two facts in mind is it any wonder that the perisher announced “I know! We can use the close-up camera to take photos of bugs!”

Not what I had in mind.