Over a few short days all the berries were stripped off my Callicarpa. This hasn’t happened before and I was a bit puzzled, but then on Saturday I saw the culprit. It was this little chap. Despite his simple colour scheme, he was even more handsome in real life than the picture suggests.

I’m pretty poor at natural history where birds are involved, so I looked up Blackcaps. It seems that they are summer visitors to this country and generally bugger off to Africa for the cold months. In recent years a few hardy members of the species have stayed through our milder winters, but they are believed to be birds coming in from central and eastern Europe.

Of course I was a sorry to see the beauty berries go, but seeing such a fine creature and then finding he was a bit special more than made up for it.

Little Boots was however less impressed and thought he looked “a bit like telly from ages ago” and would be “better if he looked more like a Wot Wot“.