With Little Boots satisfied that a hazel will attract woodpeckers just as much as a holly we set out to take part in the Tree O’Clock record attempt. I did have to agree to LB’s rider of bacon sandwiches after.

My horticultural hopes were high to begin with because, whilst I was gathering all the equipment and looking for some bonemeal in the greenhouse, LB was rather excitedly picking sunflower seeds from a rather manky flowerhead and firmly announcing plans to grow next year’s crop from them.

However by the time we got to the actual planting, the munchkin had decided that swinging on the clothes line was much more fun, and only returned to the tree in order to be in the photo.

I was hoping to elicit more direct involvement for the planting of the field maple and the rowan that had still to go in, but at that point the Postie turned up with a big parcel for Little Boots from Jessica a friend in Scotland and digging was finished for the day.

The little beggar still demanded bacon sarnies though – AND snaffled the certificate for taking part!