Today is a dark day.

I was lying in bed this morning, contemplating a whole month having gone down the toilet and trying to catch up on my sleep deficit, when this was rendered impossible. Mucking Fuppets, the neighbours’ landscapers, are back at work on the 20ft drive that they started 2nd September. I think the record is theirs.

I need something exciting to happen. Sadly its not going to be the RHS Olympic completion as I didn’t make the cut. It’s no good trying to cheer myself with the thought that my design was clearly too complex, since one of the finalists has done a design based on the 2012 logo. And it’s not one of the kids either. Rubbish.

So instead I got stuck into my RHS notes and some medium to heavy coughing.

Over the last couple of months I’ve made good headway into Module A, and was a bit disappointed to learn this week that, following the new tutor’s arrival, we were now doing Module D. Of course the work on Mod A will be of benefit in the long run, but we have lost 3 weeks and with Christmas in the way, this is going to be bloody tight for an exam on 10th February.

To keep with, and enhance, the general theme of despondency I got a call from college mid-afternoon, advising the we would have a new tutor on Monday. Quite why the old new tutor only lasted a week is unclear. But we have now lost 4 weeks and I don’t know what module we will be doing this term.

I think the phrase I’m looking for is “Bloody Marvellous!”