A trip in car for the first time in over a fortnight almost ended with disaster when “Here Comes The Summer” by The Undertones came on. Since it was, at the time, raining and we’ve had such a poor summer I started laughing. Laughter that turned into a coughing fit. Which took hold so enthusiastically that I nearly hit the kerb and crashed.

That night college recommenced, three weeks late. That was a bit of a crash too. Unsurprisingly there was loads of griping. Lots of it about the college admin, which has been woeful at best and seemingly mendacious at worst. There was also plenty about the level of tutorage, as most of the class either failed, or only just scraped through after intense last minute cramming.

One person did get a good pass (ahem!).

It was not good. Many had clearly had a bellyful and one or two voiced the intention of walking.

There was a lot of chat over the 2 hour session, in fact there was little else, but at the end of it I think most people were won over. With chests cleared, it was plain to see that the new tutor really knew her stuff and people who had expressed the desire to leave the course at ten to seven, were by nine, talking about the practicalities of re-sits.

It looks like we have an interesting term ahead, but I can’t say I’m relishing the thought. It could well be a joyride and not in the good sense of the word.