This morning I woke, having had the first decent night’s sleep for three weeks, to find the rain has returned.

It hasn’t rained for so long that it’s not enough of course, just as one good sleep isn’t, but I have decided to be positive and view both as a sign of better things on the horizon.

I’ve been at a fairly low ebb at times, getting really fed up at what is pretty much the loss of a whole month. Included amongst those dark moments was fretting about a number of plants that were long overdue for planting out a month ago. At the same time I reassured myself with the thought that they would have died because of the lack of rain, and my illness.

I’m not the only one eager to get planting. Little Boots came home Friday demanding to know,  “Have we got any bulbs?”

“Light bulbs? Or for the garden?” (with LB you never know).

“The garden. Today is the day for planting them!” (they had been planting bulbs at school.)

I said we didn’t have any and that we need to get some.

Now that the munchkin on the case I will have to buy bulbs soon. Not that I didn’t have plans to, but there seemed little point when it would have needed a kango to get them in the ground.

I just need to persuade Little Boots to pick something a bit less garish than the big ugly daffodils, that usually grab first attention, along with another usual chioce of bloody great big alliums, which though amazing cost a bomb.