It was sad to hear of Keith Floyd’s passing.

I remember when Little Boots was an absolute tiny, being up before the sun trying to get the perisher back to sleep. If I ever had to relent, I’d knock the TV on and blearily watch something on Freeview. Scarcely being able to discern much more than sound and colours, Little Boots only ever showed any interest in Cbeebies, apart that is from Keith Floyd.

It must have been the movement, colours, pace and enthusiasm, but there really was something about the man’s cooking programmes that would captivate the little mite. People wouldn’t believe me until I showed them.

Rather bizarrely Keith also appeared in a cooking song on Balamory, although I never actually saw him in any of the many godawful episodes I had to endure.

Later in life Little Boots recognised him in the skit and demanded to know who he was. He seemed unimpressed with my response, but I do know that the munchkin will sometimes stop playing in order to watch a cookery programme with the grown-ups.

Coincidence? Who knows.

Whatever the case….

Cheers Keith!