Trug Love.

When two plastic trugs become stuck together.

I know it’s down to suction, or vacuums, or moisture and surface tension, or something, but even if I knew exactly why they became glued together, it wouldn’t make it any less annoying.

One could, I suppose, drill holes in the bottom and this may well solve the problem, but one of the good things about said trugs is that they hold water.

So what is the best way of getting them apart if brute force fails? (which it usually does).

Well, prise them apart as far as is possible, at one side, and use a watering-can to tip water into the gap. Whilst it’s a limited amount of water that helps them cling on like a randy Jack Russell to a vicar’s trouser leg, more water actually forces them to separate. Just don’t expect to stay dry during the process, as they generally¬†part with dramatic suddenness and the (now dirty) water goes everywhere.