I’m not usually one for impulse purchases, except plants of course, but when I saw a print in a local charity shop I had to have it.

It’s titled Magnolias and is by Stanley Spencer, although I didn’t realise that until after I’d acquired it.

I bought it solely because I love it (plus it was a bargain at four quid), although I’m now wondering whether I did subconsciously recognise the artist’s style.

Whilst I do like what I’ve seen of his work, I wouldn’t call myself a fan, by any stretch of the imagination. I once went to see his work in the Sandham Memorial Chapel, near Newbury. The whole of the inside is covered with paintings depicting the conflict in Macedonia during World War One. It’s pretty amazing, and made quite an impression on me – not least of all because my great-grandfather was seriously wounded in that particular theatre of war.

But enough of sad thoughts, there’s are more pressing concern – where to hang the thing. The other half doesn’t like it, it’s quite big at 2ft square and there’s not much wallspace in the “office” (i.e. small bedroom).

That, I guess, is the sort of hazard you get with spur of the moment decisions.