august 21 002A short break in France found me digging up spuds. Not much of a holiday some might say, but the light soil made it a delight when compared with hacking them out of my clayey stuff back home.

Besides I am one of those people for whom a bit of hard work is good for the soul.

During the trip we managed to squeeze in a visit to an interesting garden at La Ballue.

I think it would have been better six weeks previously, but there was so much evergreen structure that I reckon it would be good any time of year. That said, their vaunted maze was crap.


One of the highlights of the week (apart from humourous pastis bottles ) was Little Boots bringing in selection of Crocosmia flowers, announcing “I’ll show you how they go!” and then correctly lining out the blooms in order of development. I was very proud and it made a pleasant respite from ongoing demands for crappy branded plastic tat, which they have even in rural France.