If I find the garlic in the kitchen has started to sprout I often stick a couple of cloves in a pot of compost on the window sill. You don’t get any new bulbs, but the leaves that sprout can be cut and used as chives – albeit with a mild garlic flavour. L-ah-vely.

Cooking Tip – if your garlic cloves have started to sprout you can still cook with them, provided they haven’t gone too far, but remove the shoot or it will taste bitter.

Well, whilst they might like it on the kitchen windowsill the garlic cloves in my office allotment were not a success. They grew well at first but were soon ridiculously leggy and floppy and so have been consigned to the compost heap. The problem is surely one of light as the office glass has a tint to it.

Similarly the French Tarragon is putting on a reasonable amount of growth, but it is soft and pale green – again it doesn’t seem to like the office too much. The Lemongrass however is growing well and has leaves at least a metre tall.

New additions to the indoor plot are Lemon Verbena and Vietnamese coriander. Also added a short while back was a Pineapple plant which I grew myself from the top of a fruit we’d eaten, and is starting to grow away, so that I’m thinking it probably should have been repotted before I took it to the office.

 The biggest success though is the Ginger which first threw up a leaf-spike on Boxing Day 2008, already has two 1m+ shoots and is producing a third which is currently growing at a rate of seven centimetres per day.

I will have to look into the ginger family for more OA candidates.