Gawd I’m knackered. I was up till silly o’clock this morning doing a garden design for a RHS 2012 Olympics competition.

I still didn’t get it finished, so there I was first thing this morning blearily colouring the design. Despite virtually every pencil I had needing sharpening I got it done and in the post, so that it will make tomorrow’s deadline.

I don’t suppose anything will come of it, but who knows. To be honest it was nice just to be doing something creative.

If I did win it would be overwhelmingly amazing.

But you have to keep things in perspective.

If a miracle happened and I did win I would still trade it all for 15 minutes with my friend, who died suddenly four years ago today.

His life was snuffed out at 36, leaving behind two children under three. I miss him “improving the town with his attache case”. I won’t explain what that means, it would take too long, and there’d still only be two people who’d get it.

Hopefully the other is looking down from his cloud and smiling.