When younger, Little Boots used to have a peculiar verbal habit.

Sometimes when faced with a new word that proved difficult to grasp, a well-known word would be used instead.

The habit has faded away, but some words have stuck so that this weekend we found ourselves off to “Lesley”.

The name belongs to the marvellous person who runs the nursery LB went to. And it’s the name we have come to use for the RHS garden near Woking (mind you it also gets called Wizzles sometimes) .

We make an annual pilgrimage there to meet up with friends who live close by.

Unlike the days either side, the weather was good and the rain stayed off. The garden was staging a soft fruit weekend, which was a lucky coincidence. Little Boots enjoyed the entertainment provided by Chip and Snip, “The Garden Barbers”, (although the grown ups are the ones still singing their bloody theme tune), everyone enjoyed the fruit tasting, and I was terribly rude and sloped off from the picnic to listen to one of the talks.

During the afternoon I was amazed to come across a Fuchsia I liked (“Dying Embers“), as they normally leave me cold.

And as always the plant centre proved all too tempting and despite leaving behind some plants that I now wish I’d bought, I did spend far more than I ought.

Still as the proverb goes…..

“When you have only two pennies left in the world, buy a loaf of bread with one and a lily with the other.”