My RHS3 exam is history.

Not sure how well I did. I made up a new type of plant cell and suggested some novel and radically inventive treatments for scale insect, so perhaps I may have to re-sit the thing. But at least for now, it’s over.

It wasn’t all tension, anticipation and worry though.

Whilst revising from my notes in the local library I came across this on the common/Latin names of weeds……

 Capsella bursa-pastoris – Shepherd’s purse

Cardamine hirsuta – Hairy purse

It should of course be hairy bittercress, but Hairy Purse had me laughing out loud, which was not popular in the library .

I mean, Hairy Purse! It’d make a great euphemism. In fact I might start using it.

Oh that RHS exam, it has a lot to answer for.