Imagine this – the whole family is running late for school, work, an’that – one of you goes to the hall to get shoes.

On entering there are wasps all over the shop.

Having sneakily nested inside the flat roof over the hall, they’d got bored with coming in and out thru’ the eaves and decided to “knock through”.  There was a walnut-sized hole in the ceiling (which was so, so, not there last night), where they had chewed through the plasterboard.

This was a zombies-clawing through the walls-to get you type scenario and so a really unsettling, and frankly shitty, way to start the day.

So, as the saying might go, “When the going gets tough, the tough get hold of some nasty chemicals”.

So, now they are all hopefully dead. I’m not proud of that, but home invasions by potentially lethal insects are not to be welcomed.

After all, if you wanted that sort of shit you’d move to Australia.