Fortunately that Little Boots was born with a healthy appetite, but I think that the broad palate that goes with it is down to deliberately introducing (and persevering with) new foodstuffs at an early age.

The news that LB will have a try at eating most things and loves fruit and veg is the sort of thing that has other parents either swooning with admiration, or convinced you are bullshitting them.

Mind you, this love of fruit and veg can cut both ways on occasion. For instance, as small child Lil’ Boots was looked after one day a month by his Granny. On one occasion they were at the shops and she was told by the munchkin to buy broccoli, because “I love it”. She refused to believe that a 2 year-old child would demand such a thing.

Later on, we corrected her most empathically. The trouble was that thereafter, whatever LB demanded, Granny bought. Of course, as is the way with children, this was soon cottoned onto and our fridge and cupboards were usually found once a month to contain something outlandish, or undesirable that the perisher had told Granny that we bought all the time.

Another example occurred more recently. Junior has a small raised bed in the garden, almost entirely swamped with strawberries. They have been taking an age to ripen and LB was getting impatient. The other evening I had a look and announced that they could be taken to school the next day as the mid-morning snack.

Now as it happens I kept the munchkin up a bit later than usual in the hope of a small lie-in as I had the following day free and punctuality wasn’t a big deal. Did I get a lie in? Did I bugger. LB was awake at just after six (at least a full hour early) and demanding we go strawberry gathering.

If it had been on telly, Jamie Oliver, or Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall would have leapt out of bed grinning like a loon at this child’s enthusiasm.

Me, I first buried my face deep into the pillow, in order to muffle my swearing.