I kinda have an office allotment.
It started just over a year ago, when I got a midwinter gift of a chilli plant through the post. It wasn’t doing so well at home, as the house wasn’t heated in the daytime, so I brought it into the office. A little while later I added a coffee plant that had grown too big for the kitchen windowsill.
Even though I’m a keen gardener I’ve never been much of one for houseplants. However, these two plants had something in common – they produce edibles (although I don’t hold any expectation of grinding home grown coffee). With this “theme” in mind my indoor allotment has expanded to include a few more types of chilli, along with garlic, lemongrass, ginger, French tarragon and a dwarf banana plant.


After reading some of the comments on this blog post I realise how lucky I am.