A glorious day of sunshine, so once again the munchkin and I packed provisions and went exploring.

We tramped for hours through green fields, woods and canalsides.

Along the way I tried to inoculate the youngster with the rich litany of some of the plants we saw – butterburr, lords and ladies, bread and cheese, charlock, goosegrass, dummy nettles, real nettles, dock, and jack by the hedge – the latter rejected in favour of garlic custard – Harry Hill’s Shark Infested Custard is doubtless to answer for that.

Amongst all the plants, dandelions were the clear favourite, until Little Boots experienced something we’ve all done in our time. Faced with a dandelion clock that isn’t quite ripe enough to release its seeds at the first  few puffs, the youngster takes a deeper breath and takes a harder puff. This does not work either and so junior takes an enormous and theatrical intake of breath in order to blow the thing to the four corners of the earth. Unfortunately such is the force of the intake of breath that all of the seeds, loosened by the preceeding puffs, are sucked into the little beggar’s mouth.

I tried not to laugh.

Later we we’re looking at some muntjac deer tracks by a stream.

“What do you think made these?” I asked.

“A chinchilla.”  replied Litte Boots authoratively.