wood-sorrelLittle Boots and I went exploring today.We walked through lush green fields, crossed styles into woods generously scattered with celandines, anemones and beautiful little wood sorrel flowers. There were quite a few plants I didn’t recognise, and I do need to brush up on my British natives. But of course you don’t need to know the names of plants and flowers to enjoy them

We followed the track of a big dog on a path, got stuck in mud, saw and heard deer and pheasants. We peered into holes at the bases of trees and discussed the paths through hedges and fences left by animals. “Rabbit,” said I. “Wild cat,” corrected Little Boots authoritatively.

We would have had a picnic, but as explorers we took provisions, not picnic food, so we had an explorer’s feast instead.

Hours later we arrived home, tired, footsore, a bit muddy, a bit tanned by the glorious sunshine and laden down with feathers, pine cones, stones and similar treasure.

As we pulled our boots off and relaxed I inquired what had been the best bit?

“The Cheese and Onion crisps,” came the reply.