Last night I got fed up trying to upload a photo to the last post. Either WordPress is rubbish, or I am. I suspect we both are.

Barely tempted to continue with my note making (trophic & nastic responses no less), and seeing as it was a late night, post-college, I decided to watch something on the iPlayer instead.

“How about Gardeners’ World?” I thought, not having watched any of the specials. But having set the thing going I realised a couple of things, as Joe Swift‘s perennially confused looking visage sprawled across the screen. First that I had the sound on mute. Then as I sought to rectify this, that I had no desire to watch the programme even though the subject [green walls and roofs] is something that interests me. This was solely due to the presenter who is to garden programmes what Ray “Butch” Wilkins was to football. I still haven’t got over the programme where he described Acers as “quite Japanesey”.

I went to bed instead.