blog-booksI wish there was a standard text book for the RHS level 3 exam, it‘d make my life a lot easier.

For the RHS Level 2 all you needed to do was get hold of a copy of Peter Dawson’s A Handbook for Horticultural Students, written especially with the course in mind, and you were away.

But for the next level there’s no such manual. So, because my classnotes tend to be hopeless, even when legible, I have to create my course notes from a number of sources. Though this is to an extent enjoyable, it’s frankly a time consuming practice I can ill afford.

What feels a little weird is that I soon realised that much of the botany contained things I had learned way back when I was a teenaged A-level student. Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember that much of it. Although I suppose it did mean I was familiar with, and not put of by, the botanical terms. I would love to be able to say that it’s been just like riding a bicycle and it all came quickly flooding back. It hasn’t.

Another side-effect is that I have a good idea what books to use to find what I need to know, although it is a bit odd to be buying copies of books I thought I’d seen the last of in the mid-eighties.

In the way that with gardening books no single one is complete and has all the answers, so I’m having to shuttle between a few botany ones to create a set of comprehensive notes.

It’s taking ages. Hopefully I’ll be finished in time for revising.